martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

Pack of Wolves

We are two filthy queer S/M switch perverts, looking to make new friends of all sexes and proclivities for play and pleasure. We like lots of things, and there are lots more we're open to trying out. We like being submissive, being dominant, being gentle, being cruel, fucking touching hurting crying spanking stroking licking playing experimenting creating. We like pimping each other and going to tea parties. One of us is mostly male one usually female, but we might just swap round and confuse it all. We'd rather be a pack of wolves than a couple. Maybe we can find more wild things to join us. All open-minded playful people we look forward to hearing from you, let's talk a bit and see if we have interests in common, fantasies we can try out together. Stay away if you're a fascist sympathiser, believe love is a form of ownership, or take gender or "BDSM" roles oh so seriously. Look at our blog and you'll find out more:

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