lunes, 20 de abril de 2009


Can I touch myself please? No, shhh, keep still, I'm trying to sleep. You're spooning me, your leg over me, gripping tight. My cock is so hard it hurts. Some point in the night you reach over and stroke my balls, then lie still again with your hand gently round the base of my cock. All night my cock is so hard. I can't help but move a bit - or, yes, I can help, but I'm shaking, it rubs the raw tip of my cock against the sheet. You slap my thigh and put my hand away on my side. Shhh - you whisper - shhh. You roll away and leave me alone. You're fast asleep now. I could rub myself and you wouldn't know. I sit up. I look at you, look at you sleeping. I pull back the sheet and uncover your hip, your arse, slowly now. I want to put my head down by your pussy - I can feel the heat coming off your cunt, I want to smell you, feel your heat on my face, press my nose and mouth in between your legs. But I don't dare wake you. Instead - I find your cast-off knickers on the floor, I lie back down on the bed again holding your knickers in my face, inhaling. I try to sleep but there's no way I can sleep, I won't. My cock is so hard, but I don't touch myself, I make it through thnight. In the morning you stroke my cock with your nail, you say I can go into the bathroom and jerk off into the sink.

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