lunes, 20 de abril de 2009


They fuck you hard your mummydad. Please mummydaddy pull me hard into you, your cock presses into my arse, my arse is just empty without you in me without mummydaddy's cock inside filling me. Not just the little soft red cock please tonight I want the big blue cock, I'm ready for it now I'm really ready, I want to feel you ride me, my little arse I ride on you, I miss your cock in me mummydaddy you don't know how much I miss it I need it. You reach between my legs and grab the base of my cock. Now I can't feel any more I don't know where is my cock in your hand and where is your cock in me, your cock is the root of my cock. Why am I crying - I think I'm going to shit mummydaddy, I feel shitty, shit everything out. Please mummydaddy I can't bear it I can't. The pain grows from a little nut now it glows and it grows it spreads fills my groin and my belly and rushing and suddenly my stomach does a loop, vertigo. I'm all sticky in your hand mumydaddy I've come in your hand. You hold me so tight. Hush don't cry little baby don't cry baby, mummydaddy will hold you so tight. Please don't go away don't take your cock away mummydaddy.

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