jueves, 9 de abril de 2009


Beautiful and inspiring to touch myself thinking of you. That photo I found on the internet in which I get just a glimpse of your cunt is so exciting. You can't see much, but it was all I needed to bring myself off. Tonight I imagined you on all fours. I come, then you tell me to switch round and get on all fours myself. I still don't understand why you excite me so much. It's your littleness which obsesses me, a stupid idea -  that with the small ones it goes in so nice and tight - which of course in general is just a nonsense. But I keep thinking about it and I start wanking again looking at your pictures. Your cute little tits. I come in front of the computer, then I come again an hour and a half later in the bathroom. Today was a crazy busy day, but I just got back indoors and I couldn't resist the temptation to masturbate again. I'm a serious wanker, I don't have much sex, I prefer touching myself. Things excite me that don't excite most people, that people in general don't understand, though that doesn't bother me much. A photo of a girl with a leather harness and a rubber prick makes me think of taking it all deep inside me. Your beautiful arse, if only it were my arse. I'll be here whenever you need me, and in the meantime I'll carry on imagining what it would feel like to come in your mouth, or in your hand, while you penetrate me with your plastic prick. In any case, looking at the photo, I can't stop staring at your beautiful arse. This is my desire.

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