sábado, 11 de abril de 2009


Live-in help (girl) required for domestic chores by professional black lesbian feminist couple. Besides cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing, scrubbing, sewing, gardening, childcare, preparing baby's bottle, cooking (fusion cuisine), shopping and running errands, making beds, and the school run, she should be able to attend to daily home maintenance including plumbing, simple electrics, locksmithing, carpentry and furniture restoration, and to make herself available for the intense hot sexual play of her employers, especially - but not exclusively - practices such as bondage, spanking, whipping, and doggystyle strap-on sex. In addition she should have excellent computer skills, to include a thorough knowledge of windows, and programming ability in html and java, and be able to write reports towards a doctoral thesis in culture and gender studies. Minimum wage, service room with bathroom, and uniform provided. Essential - checkable references and previous experience. By preference - girls no older than 25, with legal residence (particular interest in Paraguayan nationals.)

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