sábado, 24 de enero de 2009


I put an ad in the paper:

Thirty-something with face and body of a twenty year old, dirty, exotic and tender. Beginners and shy guys my speciality. I'll make your first time unforgettable.

My first client calls, poor thing, he almost can't get the words out. I can sense his hard-on though over the phone line. 50 vaginal, 100 the whole works. If I like you we can work out a deal. No need to be nervous, you're going to enjoy yourself.

So he arrives. Young, tall, gawky. He's scared. We get to the lift and he's already stiff. In the lift, I turn my back to him. That makes him nervous, it excites him. He's imagining what I've got on under my dressing gown. We get inside the flat, and standing there by the door I let the dressing gown slip off. He's never seen so much bare female flesh. Come here little boy, you're with mamma now, let's go in the bedroom. I leave him sat on the bed and excuse myself to the bathroom. I pee, dry myself, but don't wash, I want the smell of urine mixing with the smell of my cunt-juice. I'm wet already. I go back in the room. Nervous, lover? Your first time? Nothing to worry about, mamma's gonna make everything alright. You're gonna see how nice it is. It's 100 baby, up front. I put the cash on the bedside table and I kiss him. Whores don't kiss. That's their mistake. A long, wet, warm kiss. I play in his mouth with my tongue . I help him take off his t-shirt and his trousers, and rub his cock through his pants. You're so tasty, love, hardly got a hair on your body, you're a baby, I'm gonna eat you up with kisses. I'm sorely tempted to get that cock stuck in me there and then. But no. The client paid for something else. I'm gonna drive him wild, make him come back for more. I get down on all fours and suck on his balls, small and hard, tight to the base of his cock. His cock grows giant sized, I can't keep my eyes off it. He just sits there stiff, his shyness turns me on. I run my tongue up the length of it then give it a little bite. I take it all the way down, it's almost suffocating me, but I suck hard, all the way right down, slide it out again, lick it, using my hand to help, stretching back the foreskin. Can I finish in your mouth, miss? Sure, 20 more love, up front. Then I get it back in my mouth and keep on sucking while I fish for the 20 in his trouser pocket. Now love, you've got permission to do whatever you like in mamma's mouth. He comes and I swallow it all down. I move up and kiss him. My desire overcomes his disgust. He's sitting obediently on the bed with lost eyes. Don't worry my love that you came so soon, look, it's not even gone soft, we're gonna carry right on, no problem. Look love, you never saw one of these, did you. This is called mamma's little pu-ssy. That's it, touch it. He moves his hand out to touch my dripping wet cunt. Stroke it gently, up there, and there along the outside, stroke this little button here, look how it gets all swollen, yeah baby you're driving me crazy, you're making mamma feel really good, I'm gonna do a special price for you from now on darling. Put one of those fingers in mamma's pussy baby, mmm that's it, delicious, another finger, one more. That's it three fingers, push them in, like that was your cock, in and out. You want to put it in don't you? I get him lain down on the bed and get on top. Mamma's gonna ride you. I'm riding him up and down, up and down, up and down, squatting on his cock. Grab my arse sweetheart, that's it, pull the cheeks open, open them up nice. D'you want to put a finger in there? I get hold of his index finger and lead it to my anus, help him push it in. Oh that's good baby, that's so tasty, mmm mamma loves how it burns, and your cock is so yummy, sweetie, mamma's gonna drain out all your juice, but not just yet baby. Hold on a bit longer. Sweetheart, for being so good mama's gonna give you a special extra for nothing. Yes go get that cream there by the side of the bed and spread it nice and thick on your cock. I turn round arse up, face down on the pillow. Come here piggy, stick that massive ape dick of yours in my arse, give it hard to your whore mamma baby. You didn't expect this did you? A little surprise for being such a good little boy. I grab his cock and get it well inside my arse, I want him to tear me up with those clumsy thrusts. That's it baby, fuck me hard, harder, rip me apart baby, that's it, that's it. Are you coming? Yes baby fill my arse up with cream. This is for free sweetheart. Yes, no one likes cocks as much as I do.

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