martes, 31 de marzo de 2009


Wanted: Butler, in the English style, to prepare and serve high tea to a gathering of beautiful and erudite ladies. He will be silent and respectful, with refined bearing and impeccable comportment. He will be able to furnish references of the highest quality.

Duties will consist of arranging a flawless ambience in which to receive the guests, prepare the tea and accompanying tidbits and delicacies with which to treat the gathering, to lavish attention on the guests providing massages of feet and necks, and to make available his body to the whims and capricious attentions of the ladies (always maintaining an air of discretion and style), which may include molestations, brief and subtle penetrations, light spankings and whippings, particularly applications of the crop. Erection will be cause for punishment, and is thus not recommendable. The butler will present himself in the nude, and it is highly likely that the ladies will transvestise him.

At the close of the afternoon, the butler will put the house in order, masturbate in front of the company, ejaculate onto the floor and clean up the effluent with his tongue.

Payment will be negotiated.

The successful candidate will be capable of holding himself to the strictest standards of reserve and self-control, and by preference will be a person of submissive demeanour, elegant, and, in age, fall betwixt youth and early middle age (no older than 45).

Let the satisfaction and pleasure of the company provide him with his.

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