domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2008

Petitio Principi

On our blog anarcopervertismo we explore our ideas on anarchism, free sexuality, S/M, perversion, etc. We write theses, fantasies, whatever takes our fancy, pretty much always of a provisional and half-baked nature – yes we're always in the experimental stage.

Next to the texts, and discussions of anarchists and other authors from Bakunin to Foucault, we put images. Many of these images are postpornographic. Some are from famous artists like Diane Arbus, Dela Grace Volcano, Mapplethorpe. Others are our own or come from friends and comrades.

There is a warning notice that the site contains "adult content". Anyone who doesn't want to enter can just not make that click.

There are no images of children or legal minors on the site.

But, yes, there are photos of intersex people, transvestites, dragqueens, dirty girls, darkskinned people, fat people, whores of whatever sex. And it seems maybe strange pussies, anomalous vulvas, silicon tits, can sometimes make feminists feel a bit nervous.

Well the thing is they turn us on. They give us the urge to fuck in the middle of the street - even if, to tell the truth, we don't always go and do it, just as we don't always go and set fire to things that we think need to burn. They're our strange abject brothers/sisters who'll never be written in the laws, who we don't want to petition for before the state, who feminists don't want to let in to their congresses limited by corporalities and genitalities.

They are us. And in our blog we are naked cos we like our body.

We don't understand what is meant by "abusing the dignity of women and children."
We invite you to read carefully our theses, look at the photos, we think they're marvellous and beautiful these counterhegemonic bodies.

We're interested in power relations, not in dignity per se. Who has it who grants it who regulates it?

We're anarchoperverts, we like postpornography, home made especially, we stimulate ourselves with ideas and images, sometimes we like a lot to abuse our own dignity, sometimes we laugh at ourselves, and sometimes, sure, we laugh at others. It's good to laugh.

We're revolutionaries and sexual insurrectionaries, sex subversives, perverts.

We like postpornography. We're not ashamed of our bodies - we're proud of who we are.

Please, if you don't get what we're talking about, go back and read that chapter of feminist history all about the antiporn gang of the McKinnon case against Samois, Pat Califia, Gayle Rubin and Judith Butler. Read Butler's Language, Power and Identity, read Califia's Public Sex.

And if you really can't stand dirty queer perverts like us, then just don't click on that button where it says "adult content".

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